We're not only coaches, but we're also dads.  We love baseball, but we love our kids more.  We understand that our boys will be men longer than they will be baseball players.  So we wanted to be part of an organization that offered the following:​


Kid's progress at different 

speeds for different reasons.  So regardless of their current level of play, Five Star provides an opportunity to play at the next level, even on the national stage. 


We believe encouragement is oxygen to the soul.  Plus, kids learn faster and perform better when they feel someone believes in them.  So negativity, foul language and insults will not be tolerated from any coach or parent.


Excellent coaching that produces excellent results should cost something.  But it shouldn't have to break the bank!  Five Star Texas' prices are not only reasonable, but are also worth it!


Life gets busy, especially when you have more than one child. We not only balance our calendar with family time in mind, but also the safety of the kids.  Two tournaments a month is the goal to allow families to be together and arms to rest.

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